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The length of time required for a space clearing ceremony depends on the size of space and the issues involved. 

Amber Parks: $200 per hour


  • Whole house package (up to 3400 square feet) $600 full energetic
    clearing for house sales, move ins, whole house for favorable
    outcomes for business and relationships, children’s comfort levels’
  • Purification of office for money and abundance $333
    Love, Marriage, relationship package to release energy from fighting
    and negativity $400
  • Sweet Dreams children to release nightmares and clear your child’s
    space One room $150 Two Rooms $250 Three Rooms $400

Prices shown here are approximate. Actual quotes will depend on the square footage of the property, the number of floors and rooms, and the issues involved.

*There is no charge for travel time or expenses within the Phoenix Metro area.
**Other locations are individually assessed according to time & distances involved.